Reindeer tours:

reindeer_farm_luosto.jpgReindeer safaris and farm visits provides you a great overview of the reindeer's life. Reindeer husbandry is an significant livelihood still at nowadays in Lapland. Reindeer herding as a way of life, in it's current form, is at least 500 years old. Reindeers have been used for carrying and pulling burdens since the beginning of the Common Era.

On our reindeer tours you can meet the reindeer up close, feed them, experience the traditional reindeer sleigh rides and also you will learn a lot about the manners and life of a reindeer, reindeer herding and how reindeers survive over the cold winters.

We are providing different kind of reindeer tours next to Pyhä-Luosto national park. You can choose your tour from our standard tours or you can contact us for a tailored reindeer tour.

1. Reindeer safari "Snow glow in a reindeer caravan"

2. Reindeer farm visit

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