Lappish olympics and ritual of crossing arctic circle

Lappish Olympics gives you a fun day full of different activities for a group or family to attend. In this day we will have 3-10 different activities what are suitable for everybody.

Activity examples depending of the days weather and peoples interests example:

Lappish lasso (Suopunki) throwing, plank skiing, bling darts, archery, quiz, problem solving, target Frisbee golf and air rifle shooting…

You can also have special Lappish shaman giving you ritual of crossing the arctic circle.

Come with us to enjoy fun and relaxing day !

Snow fun and try activities

Have a great day outdoors with us doing fun Finnish activities. We do traditional kick sledging , play Ice hockey game using one goal, ball and normal boots.

After game you will learn how to catch "reindeer“ by throwing traditional Lappish lasso called suopunki and you can sledge down the hill.

During activities we do fire together. Hot drink and roasted sausages will be served by campfire

Includes friendly guiding, equipment and transportation.

Duration 3 hours

Price € 99 / person (minimum 4 persons) & € 85 / child 3-12 year old