Wellness tour

Wellness_tour_in_pyha.pngThe midnight sun up in the blue sky and the purest nature in Europe greets the traveller on our journey through one of the greenest forests in the world. Since the Iceage the Lappish wild herbs garnered from these lush forests have nurtured both the body and soul of the indigenous Samí people.

Now you have the unique possibility to experience the mystique of searching for these wild herbs and even try them in your tea or perhaps you've always wanted your very own herbal cream?

On this tour you will learn to make your own herbal cream from Lappish herbs. It doesn't get more unique and memorable than this! After this imagine dipping your feet in to a herbal footbath and having a warm cup of herbal tea. Sounds delicious does it not? We'll also serve tasty baguettes with stinging nettle butter. Please, dip your feet in and breathe out all worry and hurry, now is the time to relax.

In co-operation with: Nature and the Enviroment sector/Vocational school of the Eastern Lapland

Reservations before the previous day at 15 o'clock.

We will pick you up by a car from your cabin or hotelduration_level_language5.jpg

Price(€)/inc. VAT
Min. 5 persons 59€/person
Extra person 24€
inc. friendly guiding, transportation (for 8 persons) herbs, herbal cream, herbal tea, baquettes

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kairankutsu@gmail.com, +358 400 703 324, www.en.kairankutsu.fi