Tour instructions

Thank you for choosing Kairankutsu - Call of the Wilderness! To ensure a pleasant, memorable and safe nature experience please read the following general guidelines.

Before the tour

Weather conditions might change during the tour so we recommend you to wear proper walking shoes (no sandals) and appropriate clothing. It’s easier to focus on enjoying the beautiful Lappish nature if your stomach is not growling for food, therefore we recommend you to have something to eat before the tour. Should you or some other member in your group have a fear of heights, a disability or a medical condition that should be taken into consideration when preparing for the tour please inform us of it in advance. The guide may stop or call off the tour in case of an injury or emergency or if the weather turns out to be too demanding.

Alcohol is not to be consumed prior or during the tour. Remember to take your camera with you. There will be sights and moments you are going to want to capture. We also recommend you to take a bottle of water with you.

Kairankutsu and its suppliers reserve the right to change the routing and duration of all excursions if necessary according to the prevailing weather and snow conditions or if deemed advisable for the sake of safety and the comfort of the participants. Kairankutsu and its suppliers also reserve the right to discontinue a safari if a participant is seen as a potential danger to him/herself or to others or is in poor health.

During transportation

Please note that seat belts must be used during transportation. Child car seats are provided, but we ask you to inform us few days advance children age.

During the tour Please pay attention to the following:

  • Follow the guide at all times
  • Follow the guide’s instructions
  • Don’t stray from marked trails
  • Keep distances short, guide has to be seen at all times
  • No running
  • No jumping
  • Mind your footing
  • Ascend / descend stairs in a calm manner
  • Grab the rail for support (when available)
  • No leaning over ledges
  • Alcohol is not to be consumed prior or during the tour
  • The environment is important for us so please avoid littering.
  • What we bring in, we bring out.
  • Keep a watchful eye, Lappish nature provides plenty of interesting things to see.
  • Enjoy and relax

After the tour

Don’t worry if you can’t stop smiling, that’s just the effect our tours and Lappish nature can have on you. Please feel free to reminisce the good time you had on our tour, after all that’s what Kairankutsu is for, memorable experiences.If you had a good time and the call of the wilderness is just as strong as or even stronger than it was before, there’s plenty more tours for you to choose from.

Rapid River Fishing

On our fishing tours one can try either shoreline fishing or fly fishing. Our guide can give quick-and-easy on-sight fishing training. Mind your footing as the stones on the shore and in the water tend to be slippery.

Ice fishing

We only use fishing spots we are familiar with and carefully assess the thickness of the ice. However, please always consult the guide before going on the ice as the guide will point out a spot most suited for ice fishing. Please note that you must stay on the marked or shown area. The ice drill we use has a sharp blade so please take caution should you want to operate it. Carefully remove the pouch covering the blade, place the drill on the ice, drill according to the guide’s instructions, and when the hole is ready, put the covering pouch back on. Always use the covering pouch when carrying the ice drill.

Cross-country skiing

Our experienced guide will teach you the basics of cross-country skiing. Put one ski on first, then the other. When you have your skis on, use your sticks for support. Start slow as the skis are slippery and maintaining balance might at first be challenging. The guide will also teach you the basics of uphill and downhill cross-country skiing. To ensure a fun and pleasant skiing experience we only ski on well-cared skiing trails.

Snowshoe trekking

To ensure a fun and safe experience please follow the guide's instructions at all times. Keep away from ledges and cliffs and stay on guided trail. Use your sticks for support and mind your footing as the ground might be slippery

Emergency number 112

If you need to call the emergency number and your phone is not connected to the network, turn off your phone, remove the SIM card and turn the phone again. This way your phone will automatically log on to a network and you will be able to call the emergency number (SIM card not needed for dialing the emergency number).

Please note: building fires is prohibited during Forest Fire Alert

Please note: the customer must have their own travel insurance.

The company is insured. Should you have any questions / concerns we’ll be happy to help you.

Transportation: Our tours prices includes transportation for 8 people. If the group is more than 8 people, please ask your offer cause we have to rent bus or use taxi/ other cars.

Contact us here, +358 400 703 324,

EU Customer information privacy policy in Kairankutsu

We only store our customer information on our billing system, which is logging in behind passwords. This system has only the information provided by the customer for billing purposes.

Kairankutsu does not store other customer records.