Kairankutsu is a reliable family business

The family business called Kairankutsu - Call of the Wilderness started its operations on a small scale in 2012. At the owner of Kairankutsu, Eero Fisk, the idea of a year-round program service company serving as a basic model of natural values came with his own hobbies and nature experiences.

We specialize in year-round program services, activities and the implementation of nature and cultural experiences in Pyhätunturi, Luosto and in Pyhä-Luosto National Park and beyond. You can take part in our excursions alone, with a friend or family or in a larger group. We are also happy to tailor excursions for the disabled.

Our strengths are our family's field skills, as well as knowledge of the area's environment, history and nature. We are happy to introduce the Lapland lifestyle to those who want it. In addition to Eero, Kristiina, the family's daughter, and Anne-Mari, the family's mother, work in the company all year round, preparing food and maintaining equipment as needed. In winter, the family is also assisted by a few local people who, for their work and education, have the values of family trips and respect for the nature and culture of Pyhä-Luosto.


Eero is a soul of Lapland. Owner of Kairankutsu. Eero has massive information about culture and nature of Lapland.

He has been in military back round and he stayed over night in forrest over 300 nights.

Eero is a grandfather of seven and his priority is give a greatand educational experinces in a wilderness.


Kristiina (Krisse) is active nature guide from Lapland. Former professional soccer player and now days mother of one 4 year old girl.

Her hobbies are cross-country skiing, horseback riding and summer time hiking.

Kristiina has degree of bachelor of Hospitality Management and one year army education gives good information how to move in nature and how handle harder situations. Kristiina personality is always happy and customer service is her priority.

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