Local family company

- We believe sustainable and equal world

Kairankutsu's values and our promise to our guests is to provide safe, high-quality nature tours that preserve and honor the local nature, its history and culture.

Our strengths in the tours is our family. Our values are proficiency, nature awareness and history knowledge of our home surroundings.

Kairankutsu has a specific mission:
to help people discover
the breathtaking beauty in
lappish nature and culture!

Pyhä-Luosto national park is widely recognized as one of the most beautiful and versatile regions in all of Finland.


Our nature and air in Lapland is clean and there is no pollution. Nature is our home, our life and our work place. We want to keep the nature in same condition for the future generations.

With us you will go to a beautiful and safe wilderness. We will go in to a best and also quiet places. This means that we avoid in our tours crowded places. If there is too many people, nature starts suffering for over use.

Summer time we will use in the national park market tracks and winter time places were nature doesn't get damaged by skiing, hiking or snowshoeing.

We use materials on the tours what are mainly local and they can be recycled or used many times.

We believe in equal rights

Everyone is welcome to our tours and region. You can come alone, with friends, loved ones or family. You don´t have to hide your religion, sexuality, mobility or way of living when you come to the nature with us.

We will treat everyone equally and as our friend. Just open your mind and relax.

If you have special request for example regarding to dietary requirements, mobility or you just want to surprise your loved one don´t hesitate to ask. We are here for you.

We also do private tours with wishes.

Safe and high-quality nature tours

Our privilege is to keep You safe and give you high-quality experiences.

  • We give needed warm clothes in the cold weather for the tours.
  • We have safety plans for all the tours.
  • We maintain all equipment before and after the tours.
  • Our guides know the nature and the tracks were they are going
  • Our guides have first -aid licence and equipment with them on the tours.
  • Our vehicles are not newest, but they are all maintained all year around and in good condition.
  • All vehicles have good summer and winter tires.
  • Our company has needed insurances, but we recommend your own travel insurance.