Photographing tours

Pyhä-Luosto offers you wonderful possibilities to do photographing inside the old forest, on the top of Fells and also in historical villages and beautiful rivers.

Depending about your wishes we can also have tasting lunch or make a campfire and roast delicious sausages with black pot of traditional coffee.

You can book a basic tour and then we modify it with your photographing wishes or tell us your wishes for example full day program or over night program and we will make an offer for you!

Let us customize you a great day with a car to best photographing places in Pyhä-Luosto, Pelkosenniemi and Sodankylä area. Summer time you can also do photographing by canoe in mid night sun or in winter time by snowshoes in Pyhä-Luosto National Park.

Check also our Arctic sky photographing tour. You will have great time and you will learn what is happening in the arctic sky and how to photograph northern lights and arctic sky or let us take pictures for you.

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