Reservation and cancellation policy


Kairankutsu – Call of the Wilderness observes the following terms and conditions for reservation of activities, excursions, programs and related supplementary services. These conditions are binding for both parties from the moment the guest makes a booking.


Bookings can be made verbally, in writing or via the Internet. A booking is valid for the number of persons as mentioned in the reservation and becomes legally effective once the person who made the
booking received an e-mail confirmation from Kairankutsu.


The booking confirmation includes the invoice and the ticket for the activity booked which should
give directions to the destination or to the meeting point with the activity organizer.


The payment options are mentioned in our online store, as well as at our Front Desk in case of reservations made locally. Kairankutsu has the right to cancel the reservation, should the payment not be made within the requested and agreed time. Leaving an invoice unpaid, does not count as a cancellation.


All changes and cancellations need to be made by email to A cancellation is considered as having occurred when Kairankutsu receives it in writing during office hours in Finland, by 16:00 local time. If a cancellation is received later than this time, it is considered to have been received the following day.

The following cancellation policies apply according to whether the customer is cancelling an activity, accommodation, or multi-day holiday package. If an individual customer cancels his or her Activity or Transfer booking:

* Over 7 days prior to the beginning of the reservation period no charge.

* 0-7 days prior to the beginning of the reservation period, 100 % of the reservation will be charged.

IN CASE OF ILLNESS Same cancellation policy applies than in regular cancellation cases.

Should the client receive different cancellation terms mentioned in your tickets, those will override the above-mentioned general cancellation terms.

The confirmation must be made in writing by e-mail to or by telephone to +358 (0) 400 703324.

Please note a reservation can be the sum of more excursions, from different providers. The
general or specific cancellation conditions are applied to each excursion
separately regardless of how many programs have been booked within the same reservation.

The guest is obliged to be on time according to the schedule of the activity/transfer. We recommend the guest being at the place of departure/meeting point at least 5 minutes before the starting of the program. The client is also obliged to make sure they are in the correct bus/transfer according to the program booked. Being late and/or using the wrong bus/transfer, does not give the guest the right to any refund or rescheduling of the program/activity.

The person making the booking needs to make sure that their own travel insurance covers the costs of the booking should he/she need to cancel a reservation in case of sudden illness / injury / death of a close relative or travel party. The cancellation needs to be made as soon as possible to Kairankutsu.
In all these cases are valid the above cancellation terms.

”COVID 19 - International Travel Restrictions and Flight Cancellations”

If we get information advance we try to be as flexible as possible and change reservations if needed to a another day. How ever for cancellation made 7 days or less before the beginning of the reservation, 100 % of the total amount due or paid is charged.

The customer does not have the right to deviate from the booking and cancellation terms and conditions and does not have the right to cancel their booking on the basis that the customer that made the booking or the guests are not able to arrive at the program service at the booked arrival time as a result of the travel restrictions imposed by Finland or the country of departure as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Travel restrictions do not count as “Force Majeure” events/circumstances, as international travel restrictions which are due to the COVID-19 epidemic are not unforeseen. In this situation, the customer’s cancellation and no-shows will be subject to the standard booking and cancellation terms and conditions.

The above also applies in the event that the customer or the guests cannot enter Finland due to the cancellation of flights or changes in schedules. Flights may be cancelled and rescheduled due to the COVID-19 epidemic, and are not “Force Majeure” events/circumstances as these circumstances are not an unforeseen situation.


All changes or alterations to the reservation needs to be made in writing to the Kairankutsu ( during Finnish office hours. Any change is subjected to the written approval by the Kairankutsu, in accordance with the cancellation policy conditions mentioned above.


In some programs / services a cheaper price is applied for children. The age of the children whom the cheaper rate applies is decided by the program/activity provider and specified in the program’s
description. All children need to have a Guardian with them, who is responsible that child is listening and behaving as guide is saying.


Pregnant women should not use snowmobiles or other similar vehicles nor sit on a sledge pulled by the snowmobile as the vibrations and exhaust fumes may be harmful. In addition, Kairankutsu
discourages pregnant women in taking part in all excursions involving the use of animals such as husky safaris, reindeer sleigh rides, horse riding and horse sleigh rides, because of the dangers annex with these activities. Pregnant women taken part in those type of programs do so at their own risk.

Some of the programs and services may be physically demanding and participants may be exposed to various physical strains and stresses. If a participant suspects that his or her health is
preventing them from participating in a program or service or suspects that his / her health may be endangered during the program or service, the participant must receive the permission from his / her physician to participate. The guests always take part in the programs / services at their own risk. The guest in addition must inform the program/service provider of any possible health issue,
which may affect or be affected by the participation in the program. If the program requires special arrangements (e.g. additional transport), due to the client’s special health issues, the program provider is not responsible for the possible extra costs. A guest taking part in any program/service does so at
their own risk.


The program/service provider carries out its activities exercising the appropriate safety plans and health and safety standards, in accordance with Finnish laws and regulations. Kairankutsu and its suppliers reserve the right to change the routing and duration of all excursions if necessary according to the prevailing weather and snow conditions or if deemed advisable for the sake of
safety and the comfort of the participants. Kairankutsu and its suppliers also reserve the right to discontinue a safari if a participant is seen as a potential danger to him/herself or to others or is in poor health.


All snowmobiles or other motor vehicles used in the programs are insured under the Finnish law. During the program/service/rental the customer using the vehicle is liable for any damages
that may occur. The share of deductibles (own risk liability) in case of damages to the vehicle and/or personal injuries varies according to the program and is specified by the program/service provider.

The driver of a motor vehicle must be at least 18 years old and in possession of a valid driving license, unless otherwise stated.

Finnish law prohibits driving a snowmobile under the influence of alcohol. The responsible program/service provider reserves the right to change the route, schedule and duration of the program
without prior notice, if necessary, taking into account weather conditions, participants' health and other circumstances. The program/service provider reserves the right to suspend the program if the participant acts by causing a safety risk to himself or other participants or the participant's health does
not allow the program to continue.


All animals used in the program/services (reindeer, huskies and horses) are trained as far it is possible for the safe engagement in the program they are trained for. However, animal behavior can
never be fully predicted and therefore, in order to avoid incidents and to reduce risks, all participants must comply with the safety and other instructions given by the service provider


The program/service provider may only be held liable for personal or material damages that have occurred in the event of an accident and which were caused by negligence of the program provider him/herself or their employees or sub-contractors or by the provision of faulty and
defected equipment.

The program/service provider shall not be liable for any accidental damage or injury not due to negligence or faulty equipment as mentioned above. These may be repayable under the participant’s
own travel insurance. A personal travel insurance is always highly recommended for any unexpected situation.


Booking rates include pre-arranged rates and taxes. All Rights Reserved. Kairankutsu is not liable for any printing mistakes or for changes in the prices transpired after the printing of the brochures.


Possible dissatisfaction should be made directly to the service provider during the program or immediately thereafter and without delay. If no remarks about any possible error during the
program/service are made during or immediately after the program, latest in next day, the participant in the program/service loses any rights to price reductions or other compensation.


The parties will seek to resolve any dispute arising from the agreement through mutual negotiation. If no agreement is reached, the customer may take the matter to the Consumer Dispute Board or
the Lapin käräjäoikeus (“the District Court Of Lapland”). The contract is governed by Finnish law.

Kairankutsu is not to held responsible for changes to the Booking and cancellation conditions arise after the publication of these conditions.